Thirsty … or desperate … or both …?

Canned beer has become part of life.

Now, so will glassed wine.

Ready to drink

Canned beer has become part of life.

Now, so will glassed wine.

I mean wine (red, white or rosé) already poured into a glass and all you would have to do would be to remove the aluminum cap at the top of the glass and drink the wine.

This bad (or good) idea is French.

The ready-to-drink glass of wine has gone on sale in our supermarkets at €2 ($2.7 / £1.7) for a 18.7 cl glass. That’s cheap. In a bistro a glass of wine will cost you about €6 ($8 / £5) and in a restaurant you could pay up to €12 ($16 / £10) for one.

As two vintners – Château Roubine (Provence) and Château Les Bruges (Bordeaux) – are reporting, so far this year (2010) each has sold more than 100,000 glasses of their verre de vin prêt à boire.

Some of the buyers were Chinese takeaway and sandwich stall franchised chains.

To abide by the law, I must now warn you that l’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé …

I meanwhile wonder what they will think of next.

Canned or bottled cigarette smoke which will make it unnecessary to carry a packet of cigarettes and a lighter with you and all that rigmarole of lighting up, inhaling, exhaling and what not. You would only have to remove the aluminum cap and inhale.

You can find glassed wine here


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