Tiger Woods … adultery … and French bewilderment …

(photo : President Felix Faure) So what has Tiger Woods done to have deserved a public lynching? This is what the French want to know. Well, he had engaged in extra-marital sex some of which he had paid for. So? So what? Each time there is an international meeting or gathering of say business men, […]

(photo : President Felix Faure)

So what has Tiger Woods done to have deserved a public lynching?

This is what the French want to know.

Well, he had engaged in extra-marital sex some of which he had paid for.

So? So what? Each time there is an international meeting or gathering of say business men, or of those who run our countries, or international fairs (like book fairs), or sporting events (yes, sporting events as well) those who make more money than the organizers are the prostitutes, and then the taxi drivers and hotel concierges who direct clients to them. You can read about what goes on in Geneva,(for example), city par excelkence for international meetings here

But are the men who pay for sex at such meetings and gatherings ever lynched publicly? No. They go home to their wives and their offices and we praise them for all the hard work they’re doing.

But the poor Tiger Woods was publicly humiliated. As one French TV news anchor said, he was obliged to do a mea culpa as can be done only in America. And as a commentator on one of France’s radio stations observed, “they should just have given him a sword with which to commit hara kiri.”

The French, you see, believe that adultery is no one’s business – or rather it concerns only the adulterer and his or her spouse. And what’s more spouses are very grown-up about adultery; it is, they think, one of those things – les choses de la vie – it happens; it’s like a rash, you itch, you scratch, and then it goes away.

This way the French did never quite understand what the Monica Lewinsky case was all about.

You see, here in France a president who does not have a mistress is considered a wimp. Or worse, a man who is scared of his wife. And whatever a Frenchman is, he is not scared of his wife. Ever. (You may now ask about respect, but what is there to disrespect if adultery happens between 5 pm and 7 pm – cinq à sept, as the French say – and one gets home for dinner.)

Our presidents certainly indulge. François Mitterrand (October 26, 1916/January 8, 1996) and President of France from 1981/1995 had a love child. More than that, he lived in an alternate marriage with his love child’s mother. This was revealed during his presidency and no one called for his resignation.

Our current president, Nicolas Sarkozy, is in his third marriage, and does anyone call him names? No. And his first marriage ended because he was having an affair with the woman who was to become his second wife … in other words he had committed adultery.

And our other two ex-presidents were lotharios in their younger days too. There was an incident in the 1970s that concerned one of them; at dawn one morning a private car crashed into a benne – a garbage collection truck. The story circulated in media circles but there it had stayed. If this had happened in the States (or in England for that matter) someone would have had to do a public mea culpa again, the wife standing behind him and the two then walking off holding hand, the presidential dog at their heels.

Then there was the French president who died of apoplexy while having sex with his mistress. His name was Félix Faure (January 30, 1841/February 16, 1899). On that day of February 16 a woman named Marguerite Steinheil was performing oral sex on him. Had he not died he would probably have had to resign but not because of the circumstances of his death, but because of the physical and mental disabilities it would have caused. And does anyone think any the less of him? No. Rather the opposite because he was 58 and still capable of having fun with such a young woman – Steinheil was 30.

So, Tiger Woods has not done anything shameful as far as the French are concerned.

He should move to France. His libido will be greatly respected here.

And France could make do with a good golfer too.

Marilyn Z. Tomlins

4 Responses to “Tiger Woods … adultery … and French bewilderment …”

  1. 4
    Marilyn Z. Tomlins Says:

    Viva la France!

  2. 3
    john Says:

    Oh, its wonderful to here from a civilized, sensible part of the world. Viva la Jouie.
    I assume joy is femine.

  3. 2
    Jo Says:

    You are telling me the French wives are quite happy about all this? If that is being grown up, I don't think I could be that grown up although in principle I do agree with you.

    As for Tiger, I still don't see what its got to do with anyone except he and his wife and family.

  4. 1
    Aruna Sreeram Says:

    Its just that an impatient and selfish personality dont deserve to be role models in society! I appreciate French to be generous enough to accept and respect, but Woods himself apologized and said what he'd done was unacceptable and that he was undergoing therapy for his impatience!


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